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Our mission is to provide caring and competent psychotherapy services in an environment that reflects our commitment to our clients. We stand out in our community because we genuinely care about our clients and seek to make therapy as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to offer you a healing space to take respite from stress - including comfortable and clean spaces. We welcome you to discover the difference that caring makes!


We offer individual therapy for adults, ages 18+,  and pre-marital counseling.

individual therapy

Individual therapy (a.ka. psychotherapy) is where a licensed mental health professional helps an individual work through different emotional and personal challenges. It is also known as talk therapy or individual counseling. It doesn’t have the purpose of making challenges disappear but rather aims to teach the skills and provide the tools needed to help people cope with challenges in a more effective way. Here are some of the most common reasons clients begin therapy at Bull City Counseling:

  • Increasing difficulty managing feelings of depression and anxiety

  • Difficulty adjusting to life changes

  • Reduced interest in relationships or activities

  • Desire to increase insight about relationship patterns

  • Adjusting to life after loss and learning to live with grief

  • Learning new coping strategies when old ways aren't working anymore.

  • Clarifying personal goals and values

  • Improving self-esteem and developing self worth

our services

pre-marital therapy

Marriage is a serious decision and as such, many couples wish to explore and enrich their relationship before entering into this commitment. Our pre-marital counselors are certified in the use of Prepare Enrich. Prepare Enrich is an online assessment tool for both married and unmarried couples who want to understand and improve their relationship. By asking key questions at the beginning of the assessment, we are able to address each couple's relationship stage, situation, challenges, philosophical/spiritual orientation, and personalities to tailor our time together. * These sessions are not covered by insurance companies.

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