Bull City Counseling stands out in our community because we genuinely care about our clients and we seek to make therapy as comfortable as possible. 


We welcome you to discover the difference that caring makes!

about us

Bull City Counseling stands out in our community by offering exceptional service to clients by clinicians that genuinely care. We offer individual counseling, premarital counseling, and marital enrichment in a location convenient to both Durham and Chapel Hill. We value our clients privacy and seek to make therapy as comfortable as possible. All staff are licensed providers and all phone calls/emails are answered personally by our licensed clinicians. It is important for us to offer our clients a healing space to take respite from stress. Thus, our commitment to excellent customer experience extends into the environment of our waiting areas and clinician offices. We offer a calm and relaxing experience, including comfortable, clean spaces and fresh water/tea while you wait. We are focused on providing quality care to our clients and we welcome you to discover the difference.


our mission

Bull City Counseling provides caring and competent therapy services in an environment that reflects our commitment to our clients. Our compassionate and knowledgeable clinicians help clients to learn healthy ways of coping and skills to achieve their personal goals. We offer our services to clients based on the age-old premise of serving others as we would want ourselves and our families to be treated-with dignity, respect, and with a high value placed on providing an excellent customer experience. All are welcome here.