Couples & Marriage Therapy

Connection with others is what makes life meaningful and worth living. We all know how much joy relationships with others can bring. We all also recognize that relationships are tough! In particular, family dynamics and marriage are constantly changing. We simply are not born with the skills to be a perfect parent, chld, or life partner.


Relationships take a lot of work and are constantly changing. It’s not easy, but we believe that there are certain tools and skills that people can learn to use to become better communicators and to be happier and more fulfilled in the relationship.

We regularly work with couples, children, and families in therapy.


We have experience working with the following types of couple/family dynamics:


  • Couples and families who want to learn better communication skills

  • Pre-marital counseling

  • Couples who are newly married who want to work through issues with family boundaries or work on financial issues

  • Couples who are considering divorce or separation

  • Couples and families who are struggling with parenting issues

  • Couples and families where one person has been recently diagnosed with an illness

  • Couples who are gay or lesbian

  • Families who are struggling with communication and unresolved issues


In couples and family counseling each person has an opportunity to be heard and to share wants, needs and desires. New communication skills and tools are learned and practiced. Healthy boundaries are created. Shared goals are identified. Relationships are strengthened and individuals feel heard, respected, and understood.