Individual Therapy for Adults & Adolescents (ages 16 and +)

At Bull City Counseling, we truly believe that individual therapy can be helpful for anyone! Individual therapy is based on a trusting and confidential relationship built on mutual respect between the client and the therapist. We work with adults and adolescents to address your specific needs and to reduce troubling behaviors and thoughts. Here are some of the things that can be effectively addressed in individual therapy:


  • Addressing depression and decreasing anxiety

  • Adjusting to life changes

  • Regaining interest in relationships or activities

  • Looking at relationship patterns

  • Adjusting to life after loss, grief

  • Learning new coping strategies

  • Clarifying goals and values

  • Improving self esteem and developing self worth

  • Empowering healthy choices

Pre-Marital Counseling & Marital Enrichment

**These sessions are not covered by insurance companies. Payment is expected at time of service.


Marriage is a serious decision and as such, many couples wish to explore and enrich their relationship before entering into this extraordinary commitment and during times that one or both partners recognize the need for improvement. At Bull City Counseling, we have certified premarital counselors and regular use the Prepare Enrich curriculum &  assessment tool to quickly identify a couple's needs.  These sessions include the use of a workbook to guide discussions and provide homework for the couple to complete between sessions.


Prepare Enrich is an online assessment tool for both married and unmarried couples who want to understand and improve their relationship.  By asking key questions in the beginning of the assessment,  our therapists are able to address each couple's relationship stage, situation, challenges, philosophical/spiritual orientation, and personalities to tailor our time together. We use the inventory tool to assess the couple's strengths and areas where growth will bring about the greatest benefits.  We then delve into the areas of interest for each couple and focus on your needs.


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