We offer limited in-person sessions and virtual appointments!

Many of our providers have resumed offering in-person sessions.  We remain committed to providing fair and equitable access to treatment for ALL clients, and are not restricting in-person sessions to those that have been vaccinated. Mask wearing is optional but we agree to wear a mask if you are and we expect the same in return!



Is distance counseling best for everyone?    

Distance counseling is a good option for clients that are relatively stable with their mood and able to contract for safety. Clients must be physically located in North Carolina and be able to tolerate the risk of trying something new with technology and all the glitches that are bound to occur!

What technology is required if I choose video sessions?

Any technology with a microphone and video should work - Zoom sessions can be accessed with smart phones, tablets/iPads, laptops, or computers. We have been using video conferencing for several years and promise - its user-friendly! 

Where should I be for our distance therapy sessions?

You must be in North Carolina  with a reliable internet connection. If you know your internet is spotty then it really won't work well. Confidentiality must be maintained and you will be asked to verify your location and confirm that  no one else is there. Just like an office visit, infants  < 1 are welcome to be in the room during our sessions. We need to be able to ‘see each other.’  Make sure your setup has enough lighting and that we can see your face.  We encourage you to find a comfortable location with a chair or sofa - just like you would for an in person session.  Your bed is not an appropriate location! Also, your hands need to be free- holding a device for 1 hr will not work well. And lastly, you may NOT participate from any vehicle if it is moving. You can join a session from your car- provided that it is parked. We will hang up immediately if your vehicle is moving!

How do I pay for distance counseling? Will insurance cover sessions?

Benefits with insurance companies have expanded to include ‘tele-therapy’ as a covered benefit for most plans. However, this may change soon as the emergency coverages may terminate as early as the end of March. Clients are encouraged  to call to confirm benefits. To confirm, make sure you ask about behavioral health benefits - not the same as medical coverage- for “tele-therapy with synchronous video and audio from a HIPAA compliant server.”  This is not the same as telephone sessions!